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The SoundStation IP 6000 is equipped with HD Voice technology. Polycom  allowing you to maximize productivity and simplify  turning ordinary conference calls into interactive conversations with a crystal-clear audio. Guarantees a high-fidelity audio from 220 Hz to 14 kHz,  capturing both the lowest frequencies higher than those of the human voice to create audio teleconferences with ultimate clarity.The Polycom SoundStation IP 6000  has combined Polycom’s expertise in video conferencing to VoIP technology to develop a new mobile art conference that is the most suitable choice for a SIP-enabled environments .The full-duplex technology eliminates the risk of annoying interruptions,  the Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies configuration and integrated AC power kit is available  for non-PoE environments.

Polycom IP6000 Conference Phone

The SoundStation IP 7000 conference phone is the most flexible and capable conference ever developed. You can connect two units to increase the sound level and reception, as well as several interfaces for call control in the conference room. You can also connect up to two microphones Expansion to IP 7000 and use as  a single phone to ensure a level sound good to all people present in the room. It is possible to use   SoundStation IP 7000  with the high-resolution video conferencing system Polycom HDX for a complete, integrated solution for audio and video conferencing.The Polycom IP 7000 is the most suitable chose for SIP  based telecommunication environments.The Polycom IP7000 ensuring interoperability with a wide range of platforms and hosted IP PBX.

Polycom IP7000 Conference Phone

The Polycom Soundstation IP5000 is a    IP conference phone via IP, ideal for small to medium sized rooms (with up to 6 person), equipped with advanced features , broad SIP interoperability and remarkable sound quality . Thanks to  PoE  Option , you will not need to use an electrical outlet, will be sufficient to connect to the Ethernet network. With Polycom HD Voice , you receive a quality high-fidelity audio (220 Hz to 14 kHz) capable of receiving both the very low frequencies that the higher ones. You will increase your productivity and your conference will be like the face to face conversations. The microphone offers a flow rate of 2 to 3 meters , making it the ideal tool for Sounstation IP5000 conversations in small meeting rooms .

Polycom IP5000 Conference Phone

Ideal for small and medium meeting rooms, the Polycom SoundStation Duo allows you to benefit from clear, productive conference calls.You can choose to use the SoundStation Duo in analog or IP (SIP). You also have the ability to switch from one mode to another; This Polycom Duo will adapt to all situations.The Sound Station Duo coming with backlit LCD screen (248x68 pixels) ,can easily  access to all the functionality required: call forwarding, call waiting, conference etc.HD Voice technology  converts sound exclusive Polycom conference calls in real interactive meetings.The Polycom SoundStation Duo adjusts the sound level and the microphone sensitivity depending on the location of the participants.

Polycom Sound Station Duo Conference Phone

With a Full Duplex sound , the Soundstation 2 will surprise you with its sound quality.With high level   of a microphone and powerful sound quality make it a perfect solution. The dynamic noise reduction offers a   optimal microphone quality, attenuating ambient noise. The screen allows the visualization of the internal phone number, the number called, duration and evolution of the current call. With simple installation, you connect to any type of analog telephone line and it is  compatible with PBX switches equipped with an analog extension.

Polycom Sound Station 2 - Non Expandable Conference Phone

Easy to use, Soundstation 2 EXPANDABLE  allows you to make the meetings in which every person can clearly hear the conversation and communicate perfectly. This model is designed to work with two additional external microphones and can cover large meeting rooms, up to 20 people. The  microphones located at the side of the base allow a doubling of the coverage of standard conference phones. The  "acoustic clarity" technology offers absolutely natural conversations. The system is  compatible with telephone networks around the world. The two external microphones are connected to Soundstation with cables of 1.8 m. The base connects to a simple electrical outlet and an analog telephone line.

Polycom Sound Station 2 -  Expandable Conference Phone

Designed for talk between 2 to 4 people around your desk, the Voice station 500 connects to an analogue Line and integrates the latest innovations in technology. Polycom Voice Station 500 is a full duplex  360 ° coverage Conference Phone. Bluetooth technology allows you to take advantage of  connect with a wireless headset. The Voice Station 500 has been improved sound quality with Polycom Acoustic Clarity . It allows voice conferencing directly on your mobile by

wirelessly connect the Voice Station 500 to your mobile phone. Connect the Voice Station 500 to your computer with bluetooth technology. This way you can leverage the Internet to your VoIP calls. Your conference will be free with VoIP telephony software.

Voice Station 500 Bluetooth Conference Phone

The SoundStation2W is the wireless version of the Polycom SoundStation conference phones.The SoundStation2W reduces the clutter on conference tables and creates a new flexibility for meetings - even if no telephone line is available in a room. The quick-charge battery provides 12-24 hours of talk time and 80-160 hours of standby time. Up to 45 meters away from the telephone base. It is coming with   Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology .

SoundStation 2W Basic: Office Space and small Conference rooms (4m x   4.5m / 1 - 10 people ). The SoundStation is not expandable. Battery 12 hrs. Of talk time.

SoundStation 2W EX : Office Space and medium conference rooms (6m x   4.5m / 1 - 15 persons ). The SoundStation 2W EX is expandable (two additional microphones). Battery 24 hrs. Of talk time

Polycom SoundStation 2W and 2W EX  Conference Phone

The  Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000,[ANALOG] with incredible audio technology , doubles as an audio standard on normal analog lines. The wideband audio greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings in audio conferencing allowing revolutionary  audio quality compared to a system of equal level. SoundStation VTX 1000 provides audio coverage for larger rooms and provide exceptional amplification up to about 7 meters away from the console. The optional subwoofer  provides audio extension up to 80 Hz. SoundStation VTX 1000 is the one and only phone that lets you make audio  software updates over a standard telephone line, a ground-breaking discovery of its kind that protects the investment in time.

SoundStation VTX1000 with microphones and subwoofer

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